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NIVEA Face Care Cleansers Range

Micellar Water: Pharmaceutical Makeup Remover previously available by Pharma brands, now available to everyone and for quarter the price giving the same efficacy!-AllSkinTypes-especiallySensitiveSkin Refreshing Cleansing Milk: Easily Removes thick foundation-NormalSkin Indulging Cleansing Milk: Easily Removes thick foundation-SensitiveSkin Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover: Innovative dual-phase formula easily removes even waterproof eye makeup!-AllSkinTypes Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: Gentle on the eyes-AllSkinTypes Refreshing Face Wash: Cleanses the face with no residues-NormalSkin Gentle Face Wash: Cleanses dry to sensitive face, leaving no residues-SensitiveSkin Purifying Face Wash-sameasabove-forOilyorCombinationSkin Skin Refining Scrub-AllSkinTypes 2in1 Milk & Toner-NormalSkinType

July 14, 2017